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Why is this in my home?

I will soon be visited by someone very dear to me and as I am anxious and want everything to be perfect, I have been cleaning and getting my lair ready for their stay. I realized, again that between cleaning products and cosmetics...there is so much in my house I really don't want!

For a while now, I have wanted to write an article on ethical is in my drafts and I fully intend to publish it as soon as I gather enough sources to satisfy my will to back my article up. There might be some redundance and you know what...that is actually pretty à propos.

For now, I will simply write this little something:


I am a country girl from southern France, if you know me, you know... I love Mother Nature and our beautiful planet and also ... I was raised very modestly. I'm not saying I am a prude and showing skin isn't allowed, what I mean is I was raised with very limited funds. When you grow up in such a setting, you learn to save, re-use, recycle, fix, compost...etc, for me it's just always been the way!

I wore my cousins and neighbors clothes, we grow our own vegetables and fruit or get them from a neighborly farmer at the market and pick our herbs on our walks. My dad taught me to read labels and buy in bulks, we are somewhat hippie-ish. That made me appreciate the good things and the little things!

I think it's fair to say I am an epicurean and an hedonist...some will say I have luxurious taste but honestly...not really! I am just investing in what is good. I buy long term well being, lasting enjoyment and actually good even if rare pleasures!

I would rather pay a bit more and get better for me and the world while encouraging a small producer/company and not participating in feeding the ultra rich.

Good for us, today there seems to be a "woke" and "hipster" movement/trend even in the biggest cities... I would know, I lived in San Diego... Craft beers, handmade goods and natural products are trendy...yay!

As a Satanist, I pride myself in being always thirsty for knowledge and informations and basing my choice and actions on facts, science, compassion, empathy and justice. I aspire to be as true and loyal to my deeply held beliefs (the 7 tenets) as possible and ultimately strive to do what is best for me, my fellow humans and our planet.

I think it's pretty much putting my money where my mouth is to therefore want to get rid of plastic and unnecessary shit (chemicals and such) in my daily life...


So many studies show that products such as best seller brands of body wash and shampoo are recipe for cancers of all kind, hormone disruptive cocktails, irritant, pollutant or somewhat problematic. You d think after a year of being scared for their health people would care...

We see pictures of the devastating consequences of plastic waste in our eco systems. We know the ozone protecting us from the wrath of an angry all powerful balls of fire in the sky is pierce in many places because of our use and abuse of shit such as aerosols and let's not forget...what a pain in the ass to take out the trash that often because of packaging... We know it's bad... why don't we just get rid of all that?!

Fortunately I live in Europe and there is thousand and thousands of banned ingredients...sadly, in the USA it is far from being the case and let's not even look at countries that aren't (yet?) As developed economically and technologically. Laws are voted to reduce our impact on the planet and try to better pretty much all the time, but we are late on making it happen!

Today my house is still filled with plastic containers and bottles (I actually don't own most of these products), my bathroom alone has enough in it to supply a convenient store... Under the sink, in the restroom, the laundry room, my room, the pation...between my roommate, his lady friends, what my mom left me, and all...what a nightmare!


I don't understand:

*Why we couldn't just get refills and more sustainable packaging!

*Why everything has to be scented with who knows what...and it doesn't need to be spelled out (legal loophole).

*Why shit are still tested on animals after decades if not centuries of seeing the effect of chemicals and other components on people...

*Why blue, purple and greenish fluo colors are attractive to people. What's the need for dye in those?

*Why people want it cheap but end up buying 90+% water for a small fortune and have to renew their purchase instead of concentrated/ natural stuff that actually works better and last much longer.

*Why people don't prioritize their health in buying those products although they use this daily and it goes directly in their system (body).

Seriously... Brands would save a lot by limiting the production of extra packaging, limiting the purchase of extra ingredients such as dye and perfume. Governments would save a lot on waste disposal if laws could pass to limit extra packaging and therefore taxpayers too. There would be less allergies and other hormonal disease to treat between other cancer and public health issues. It would be better for the environment and everyone s wallet...

What exactly are we waiting for?


Let's look for alternatives, let's content ourself with simple things, natural things. No need for fake enhanced smells, no need for sophisticated disposable packaging in cheap plastic that doesn't even hold up until you finish the actual product we think we pay for. Let's appreciate transparency and reality. Let's get involved and work a little harder, why do we have to seek immediate convenience over long term satisfaction.

Trade your stinky unhealthy body wash for a handcrafted organic bar of soap made by a local artisan...

Use some black soap, baking soda, alcohol and vinegar for cleaning...don't tell me that ain't cheap and doesn't last for ever.

Use cleaner beauty brands that favor glass/cardboard minimal packaging: such as Herbivore. Sephora even has a clean beauty selection. The best is maybe to make your own cosmetics.Get some coconut oil, Shea butter, up on their properties...make it a ritual and a dark art and craft session. Pinterest is your friend!

Get some mason jars or collect jam jars and glass bottles to reuse, paper and Canva bags. You can even paint them black, buy some bitchin' one from artists and organizations you want to support (like so). It actually better looking too!

Use some Palo Santo, lavender, or handcrafted incense or soy candles, maybe even essential oils (be careful with those it's not good for pregnant people and kids) for good are some awesome stuff:

See picture:

Those amazing items are all compliments of Richard Proctor, my biggest fan, my patron and my 🖤


I recommend reading/ watching

*The documentary "stink" on Netflix

* This article on Axe/ Lynx (best selling man product)

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