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We are at war! Adjust your aim and pick your weapon wisely

I sometimes use my blog as a Manifestation Ritual tool...this is space my altar. My dearest co-worker Ada uses the phrase "download my brain". Sometimes, heavy thoughts need to go somewhere. Writing in a journal, painting, shredding on guitar, hitting their drums hard...whatever. I felt the need to unload my brain of these heavy thoughts, unpack my heart and untie my chest....I'm not even going to proofread or edit, this is going straight out!

Yes, it's horrible what is happening to our rights!

Be it trans, gay or women's right (calling it just that is a matter of simplicity but we should all know by now it doesn't concern women only).

But I am sick and tired of the fire by fire shitshow I witness everywhere.

In the name of all that is holy to you ...yes even you satanists....I implore you. You need to stop treating allies like they are the enemy! We can't lose allies if we want to win this war on us!

I just stumbled upon a profile saying "Men irresponsible behaviors is why we have to have abortions"

I am glad that person edited your post to say "most abortions". Because that is FALSE...

Unwanted pregnancies can be very much so wanted at first and the behavior of both party can be reasonable and safe....and then there are complications or danger associated to the pregnancy and it needs to be terminated.

Someone might be diagnosed with cancer in the household and the pregnant person might just not want to go through supporting a partner or another child through cancer while pregnant or possibly doom a child to being an orphan or come to life in a mourning home. Someone might lose their job...their family or best friend a car accident taking thr other parent.


There are a million reason why it's not always the man's fault or the woman's fault.

We ALL need to protect our reproductive rights and misandry is not how! We need more than abortions, we need access to education, support, ressources, health care in general...for all genders. Solutions for all to safely become or not become sick, pregnant or even make a faux pas while facing someone who is having reproductive issues.

Also not all person who can get you pregnant are men, and not all person who pregnant are women, not all penis are capable of reproduction, ivf exists and sometimes there is no father...etc

Yes patriarchy should be abolished and a lot of men you ll encounter in your lifetime have trashy behaviours...but jump straight to conclusions.

Prejudice, stereotypes and assumption fueling hate...sexism, tight closed minds ...that is exactly what put us here.

Let us judge people on their concrete and proven actions not on what we think they have done or will do. Let us ask and not assume. Let us reason our solutions ...these words you might have heard them during service and Satanic invocations. You might want to remember our tenets act with empathy and compassion before you storm into justice mode, dog pile on people and blatantly use sexism and hate as your sword when trying to protect yourself from...exactly that.

Find your true enemy, identify your allies ...don't mistake one for another.

People who can get pregnant don't have to have people who can get them pregnant, the enemy is Patriarchy and theocracy, not just the first man who steps in to help or voices his opinion.

Father's also lose the pregnancy when there is no sound at that doctors appointment to meet your future child. Men can lose the love of their life during labour and have to care for the child alone then... Men can witness their sisters and mothers, aunts, friends, Co worker Struggle...they aren't all indifferent to it and can be affected.

I don't believe they should have the final say on what to do with our body, one's body is inviolable and subject to that person s own will alone, but I also don't think they should be silenced. We are all in this together, everyone can and must have a say in this! And if they are wrong, this is the very moment we take the time to tell them, educate them, protest, change their want to be a brave hero, be patient, be kind and be wise. That takes a lot more than just slamming a door and telling someone to fuck off because their opinion or feeling don't matter at all.

It matters what all of us feel or think! And regardless of if it should be a decisive point.

What caused this horrible chain of event is that opinions of all was not heard. Votes didn't elect that president, a group of Appointed fuckers took a decision alone, the one person decided, ...etc etc. And this is how we get Muslim bans, racist policies , trans right erased, gay rights dissolved, women's right violated...

Arbitrary authority, laws, institutions, bigotry,...these are the enemy. Not the individual man in your group of friends and allies voicing his opinion or trying to use his privilege or position of power to help your cause.

As a woman, I will take any Knight in shining armour who will win us that fight!

I don't care if we don't have a Joan of Arc leading the fight. It would be great and it might help if we get a victorious woman leader, but at that point, just make it stop!

We are all frustrated, heartbroken, shocked, at a loss. I have cried so much, I have lost the last two nights of sleep, I am rendered useless and I am exhausted and demoralised. I have personally been attacked for defending the right and duty of someone to speak their mind, amplify our voices, give us the space and show that we are valued...a man leading by example. I am just fucking appalled by wannabe feminist vigilantes taking down any man they see around. That is not helpful to anyone!

Men are not the enemy! Misandry is not the weapon to be used ever. Hate and prejudice will never be the right amo.

Now breathe, cry, scream and ride out those initial violent reactions and feelings...get a grip and let's go back to fighting for our rights!

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