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The Seven Tenets

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

When I say I am a Satanist, there is always an eyebrow being raised... "what do you mean by that?"

Well, every Satanist sees their beliefs and practices differently and that is the base: "Do what thou Wilt".

Some branches of modern Satanism are very much so individualistic and somewhat isolating and/or encourage egocentrism. The Satanism I associate with is humanistic , altruistic, empathetic and socially engaging. I am part of a community that I am proud to call my SatanFam, they helped me and many others grow, accept ourselves, hail ourselves and be proud of who we are!

It is with the greatest pride that I display our Tenets here.

It really wasn't hard for me to sign such a social contract, if you are a decent human being, it is already a set of principles you apply to your life everyday without knowing.


Disclaimer: I identify as a Satanist, I am a member of the Satanic Temple and part of a community of like minded people BUT I do not speak for / on the behalf the organisation nor do I speak for other members, only for myself.

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