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Sol Invictus/ New Year Ritual

I would like to present to you my personal sol invictus ritual to leave behind all that weighted on me in 2020 and set my intentions for the future. I hope This inspires others to created their own or reproduce mine if it fits their needs and desires.

I wanted to make a ritual inspired by:

  1. the yule goat Speramus Meliora: a global Satanic ritual that brought Satanists from across the world together to collectively cast away the pain and loss of 2020. This ritual was organized, conceptualized and executed by Shiva Honey + Friends of The Satanic Temple- Detroit and The Satanic Temple - West Michigan receiving offerings of all the negativity to be destroyed In a fire.

  2. the Solstice ritual found in The Devil's Tome (which i gifted myself for xmas by buying it on TST's shop) : I used the leaves from a tree (micocoulier) that pretty much only grows in my native area instead of dead flowers but you might find some similarities: strip of paper, bowl, fire.

  3. my own divorce destruction ritual: a part focused on the past to leave behind along with the negativity + a part focused on the future yet to bring positivity.

This ritual can be personal or collective, preferably do it when the sun is setting or at night, in a dark room or when the light is not as bright. It is meant to be performed between the winter solstice and the beginning of the new year. You can do the first part in the year to pass and the second part in the year to come or do both part one after the other. This is also a good destruction ritual when you start anew professionally (after quitting, retiring or changing career) or socially and emotionally (breakups, leaving childhood, birthday, moving out...)

I do recommend watching watching THIS VIDEO previous to engaging into the ritual


By burning those words I let go of what held me back

All that I want to leave behind is hand written in a note saying "farewell" in my native language: I didn't want to say Adieu (until we meet before God), that is sooooo not me, so I said "À jamais"(see you never) and watch my note burn away.

as you can see I added some extra elements to my "altar": I am burning scented candles that have a comforting warm smell to me (spices and vanilla). I added an apple, satanic symbol of knowledge> acknowledgement. I wrapped my slithering snake pentacle around my bowl, a present from my infernal Parrain, my fatherly figure within the Temple who loves, guides and supports me always. a deliberately red candle, and a very nice lantern to symbolise the sky with stars and sun (the candle) for Sol invictus.

You will need:

  • something to write on: paper, fabric, leaves, petals... prefer something natural (not synthetic material> cotton, linen, silk) and relatively dry since it shall burn.

  • something to write with: ink, lipstick, fruit/vegetable juice (beets, pomegranate>blood like, lemon>invisible ink trick to represent secret revealed), I do not recommend using your blood or animal blood for obvious reasons!

  • A receptacle: a bowl, a flower pot, a fireplace, a safe campfire/ bonfire

  • Something to set fire to your offering: matches, lighter, candle, maybe the fire will already be lit

  • Safety measures according to your fire have something to put it off at hand: water, sand, fire extinguisher. common sense: don't do it outside if there is wind! Make sure you have absolute zero chance to start a fire or hurt any creature, even in your own backyard or fire place! make sure the surface under your fire /receptacle for the fire isn't going to burst into flames > bbq, bricks, sand, rocks with sand under, metal,... If you do it inside, do it on the stove or the fireplace, the room must be ventilated and I d recommend going for smaller fire and paper, under the exhaust system above your stove.


  • you can burn your journal, pictures, drawings or objects that would embody what you wish to part with. if it's a person you wish to leave behind you can take scissors to clothing left behind or burn l hair on a brush they forgot maybe. You don't have to burn it! You can just toss it to the trash! you can drive your car over it...just pick up your mess and put it in the trash you know.

  • You can use toilet paper to write what you wish to part with on and throw the notes in the toilet and it go down the drain!

  • you can write on your hands and wash it all off with soap...


With the apple, I acknowledge my intentions, carve my wishes under the unconquered sun and become one with them

I chose to carve the "wish" rune but you can also just write on your apple. The time it takes me to carve is a time of reflection on my objectives. I look at the sun to welcome the new year, a cycle around the sun, to come. I celebrate the hope of better days in the light and warmth of this unconquered sun. The sun that will shine on me until the next cycle.

Each bite is wish of good health, love, friendship, peace, serenity, prosperity.... anything you want for you or whoever you want to include in the year to come!

You will need

  • something to eat: an fruit, a sugar cookie, a piece of bread, pringles, ...

  • something to mark it: edible marker, knife, a brush and syrup/ jam to paint with


  • write/ draw on a bottle or a glass and drink from it

  • write/draw on your plate with sauce, syrup, edible ink, food coloring and eat from it


Do all of this safely:

  • Once again, the material, chemicals (ink, plastic...etc) might make fumes when burning and this could be dangerous, be mindful, be careful!

  • the receptacle needs to be metal, glass (that can take the heat: pyrex) don't touch it it gets hot or use a cloth or oven mitts to move the bowl> after the fire is out and you waited for it to cool down a bit

  • don't use a tablecloth (especially not synthetic) or place something between that and the receptacle, also> fires might project little sparks/ glows and ignite the

  • don't play with gasoline or other chemicals!

  • be careful with knives or sharp objects

  • allergic reactions is something you need to be careful with, before using food dye or edible ink, store made cookies etc ...check the ingredient list!

  • please reconsider if you are this under the influence of your own strong emotions or substances such as drugs and alcohol that might make this dangerous.

  • tell someone where, when, how you are doing it, check in before and after! this is not only for physical danger but emotional too...

I hope it inspires you! Much love to all of you Heathens and a Bright Dies Natalis Solis Invicti!

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