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My Moon

We are all the center of our own universe.

Each and everyone of us is in someone else's orbit.

Each and everyone of us is a light in someone else's sky.

Just a couple weeks ago, it hit me!

I felt I had lost my moon, this was the biggest and toughest heartbreak!

I guess I was too busy counting stars, I didn't see how important the moon was in my sky.

My moon was there all along, waxing and waning, in the open or behind the clouds. It didn't seem to shine that bright, sometimes I even forgot it was in the picture at all it didn't dare come out... but its light was always there! Its comforting presence in my sky always, I didn't even pay attention to it! Benevolent and patient, all the moon wanted was to be here for me, regardless where my eyes laid.

A million stars gleaming in the sky, all sparkly and shimmery, captured my attention... how mesmerizing! They still could never shine as bright as the moon did... but I didn't realize!

Comets and shooting stars are oh so beautiful! Rare, unexpected, ephemeral and exceptional, their playful lights strobing and flirting with the eye... but they aren't always here to light my way in the dark, and I was too focused on their brief apparition to realize the moon was here, dimmed but soverain all along.

I'm sorry moon! I am sorry I didn't see you for who you were and I am sorry for not realizing how important you had been in my darkest time.

I'm sorry it took an eclipse to realize you were the one light that actually mattered. I am sorry I couldn't appreciate you until the darkness took you away.

I was lost without you. It was dark without you...

I love you moon, now I know...

May you stay in my sky all night, all day, always and everyday.

Let me get lost in the details of your face and fall asleep to its glow.

I could go on and on ...I just chose to stop writing at that point ... This is not my usual content but when I get inspired, I get inspired...what can I say? I just want to acknowledge my feelings and embrace them, after writing about love and personalities in my blog, I think it's only fair I have that poem here...

Now, if I don't put it out there now it will never see the light of day and I am tired of my words snatched away in my drafts... so let me just take that jump!

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