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Lupercalia Lust Ritual

During the celebrations of Lupercalia at the virtual headquarters, I had the honor and pleasure to work on a variety of projects and presentations that were all very very empowering and benefic to my self growth. This ritual is the product of one of this project ... but not only.

The satanic holidays are always an amazing occasion for people of the community to come together and express themself, their individuality and their ways. The feast of FLESH (I'm pretty proud I found that concept/name) at the virtual Headquarters, was a collective project based on the soon to be released TST TV show "FLESH" with Mischief Madness, Chalice Blythe as hosts. We arranged for members to submit their lust rituals in a form so that the hosts could discuss them and celebrate them.

The Ladies of Flesh talked about sex magick and Lust rituals from a "historical" point of view. Of course, they firstable talked about traditional satanic lust ritual with Aleister Crowley and Anton Lavey, but they also talked about the more ancient roots of lust rituals in paganism with Pan, as well as more modern rituals such as Shiva Honey's from her book The devil's Tome.

The second part of their presentation is where my ritual came in (in very last, so the anticipation was excruciating for an anxious person like me), that second hour is when they talked about the submitted rituals. I was shaking and got very emotional because it was so well received and they seem to absolutely understand my intentions and my process.

This is why I decided I should probably share it with the world, so here it is....

(more explanation at the end of the article)


Lupercalia is the occasion to celebrate myself as a Satanist and as a human being with all that it includes! My strength, my desires, my weaknesses, my boundaries.

My sacred space is my bedroom, my altar is my bed.

  • I will make my sacred space as comfortable, intimate and warm as I like it to be. Lots of pillows, fresh sheets (black and red) and maybe flowers or flower petals preferably roses and other dark flowers.

  • I will light scented soy candles and dim the lights.

  • I will use wax earplugs to detach myself from external distractions or play comforting music.

  • I will have body oil, lube, sextoys, ropes and latex gloves handy.

The ritual begins with meditation and reflection concentrating on my breath to make myself aware of my body and my senses while looking at the candle’s flame.

I sit or kneel on my bed in my lingerie or naked under my robe and as I gaze into the flame of my ritualistic candle. I remember the promise I made to myself: to be my own master and harness my own power from within, I seek to free myself from guilt and reject society's oppression, people's judgement and harm.

"As I stare into the light, I embrace the vessel of my body which carries me in this life. I feel the life and love within and claim my right to offend and the right to exist beyond fear, hate or guilt imposed by society and others for my body is my own, for my body is inviolable and subject to our on will alone. In this moment I am my own master and I am my own light bringer"

I put my latex opera gloves on, lube them up. I now lay down, pour lube on my genitals and on my toy, sometimes I will simply use my bare fingers and bring myself to climax

Once I am done, I put my accessories aside and nap. sometimes I will clean my accessories and take a shower before I nap, sometimes I will do it after I nap. I can then think about the experience of the ritual and gently come back to reality.


This ritual was inspired by the one the Ottawa chapter of TST came up with. Someone very dear to me is part of this chapter and shared their ritual with me and that is what led me to finding my words. His affection, his interest, his trust, his support and his unconcious help. I made their ritual mine.

Shiva Honey author of the Devil's Tome owner of Serpentinae

Lupercalia design for the Satanic Temple Virtual Headquarters

by Saint- Licorice

I associated other elements of rituals I had previously read about, for instance the flowers are very much an appropriation of Shiva's Inflammo ritual and also, the candle element is because lately, like Shiva I guess, I have made scented, gemstones and flower decorated candles with my friend aka ritual candles and I wanted to include that.

Another person who is very dear to me, who funnily enough lives in the desert of Arizona, often takes time to reflect and find himself, alone and away from the rest of all things.

My parrain infernal also led guided meditation classes around our 7 Tenets and I believe meditation and introspection is the best first step when it comes to self love.

Finally and simply, I talk about what I actually do as a latex fetishist and BDSM (sub/dom space, scene, aftercare) practitioner, as an isolated woman in a time of pandemic away from all lover.

I hope you enjoyed the read and that it inspires you to find your own lust ritual and be your own light bringer *

*(light is a metaphore for pleasure leading to possible climax yes)

all pictures are clickable

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