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Divorce Destruction Ritual

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

who, why, when, what for?

This ritual was written in collaboration with Rene Grigori, media liaison of TST in southern California and Chris Turvey, TST International council. It is based on the Hexennacht destruction ritual written and conducted by the Division leadership of Los Angeles: Austin and Desiree, under SoCal chapter leadership of Omen Cerberus and Regina Dentata. It has been performed upon receiving my divorce after over two and a half years of struggle to obtain it.

This separation was necessary and life changing. Escaping the relationship was in my best interest but nonetheless difficult and damaging. My ex husband was a gaslighter narcissist who coerced me into anti depressant addiction to make it easier to control me. Guilt, shame or feeling of failure should never be the reason why you stay in a relationship. Retaliation, lack of empathy and compassion from my formal husband who must have been hurt by my seeking of what was best for myself made this divorce last what felt an eternity. My legal status was revoked as an immigrant and it forced me to live in fear, precarity, lack of certitude and isolation. I finally decided i was going to go back to my country as it became so hard to sustain myself, no possibility to get rightfully hired, get any social help or benefits being in my situation. When I lost my job that I was so invested in, although not rightfully employed, it became clear clinging to my life in the USA under Trump administration was not a viable choice. My ex husband knew the consequences, and put me in this situation knowingly. Through the adversity I have found the strength to recover from the emotional and psychological trauma and help others do the same. I am very grateful for the care and amazing support system of my loved ones including my satanic family during these trying times.

Since the Satanic Temple, my community, my friends, my family helped me go through a lot. I wish to give back and help as many other satanists, allies, friends of and adjacent as I possibly can. As our highly held beliefs state it, your body is inviolable, your freedom needs to be respected as much as the freedom of others and the struggle for justice is an ongoing and necessary pursuit. With all my compassion and empathy in regards to your own struggle and why you might need the use of a destruction ritual in your life, I present to you the one that helped me put behind me this part of my life.

Remember that this version is my personal version but this is meant to be a personal and adaptable ritual. Thankfully, not everyone has dealt with an abusive relationship and some of us might want to separate without burning bridges and evolving into a friendship or else. In this time of pandemic and because I wanted all my friends from all over the world to be able to attend, this ritual was performed on a zoom call and recorded live as it was being performed.

Recording the ritual was very helpful! Not only for a memento but because while performing the ritual you do not witness your own emotions as clearly as from an external point of view. but also because seeing the noticeable relief and change of body language and facial expression...on me and other participants definitely added to my JOY and finalized the effect of the ritual. I didn’t intend to make this a public event, I wanted it private but seeing the how it helped me, I wish to make it available to others for them to find their peace too.

Destruction and cleansing Ritual Outline


  • The Zoom event starts with Rene as Host and Maryline as co-host. Chris and Omen as co host too

  • All attendees will be muted on entry and only the host or co-hosts can unmute attendees.

  • When attendees join they will see a screenshare of some cool art work indicative of the ritual to be performed, music?

Start of the event:

  • When we agree to start (after the right people have arrived or after some amount of time), the screen share will be stopped and an announcer will be unmuted

  • The announcers will provide a short description of the Ritual which will take place.

>Destruction and Cleansing will take place

1. Rene: “Hail one and all, and Hail Satan. This day we gather together to witness the destruction of the abusive marriage Maryline has emancipated herself from. She thought she was entering into a loving and reciprocal relationship; instead she found herself immersed in a nightmare which ends TODAY! By means of this destruction ritual, Maryline, will be able to clear her path forward as she leaves the abusive past behind and voyages out into her future.

2. Chris: It is important to remember during these times that we are the ones that hold power over the objects in our lives, not the other way around. Today Maryline will be purifying an object that has come to represent a difficult and upsetting part of her past. This act of purification will release the object from it’s entanglement with the abusive relationship that Maryline will also release herself from. In doing so, the object becomes a clean slate, and Maryline will be able to forge new memories and associations with that object. That new association starts now, with the memory of this moment in time, where her dearest friends have gathered to support her during a sacred event. That time is now. Hail yourselves, HS, and let the ritual commence!

3. The announcers are muted and Maryline is unmuted to begin the ritual

The following is a suggested format, but hey, all of this can be tweaked:

  • Make a prepared statement of the intent of the ritual

  • Destroy item(s)

  • Cleanse item

  • Make any concluding remarks ending with Hail Satan, Ave Satanas and Praise freedom!

Upon completion of the ritual unmute attendees and celebrate!

each person who attended that zoom call was like a candle in my Temple. The candle symbolizes light in the darkness of my life, illumination: the joy they bring me; enlightenment : what I realized thanks to them. My satan fam and my dearest friends were my Lucifer, the light bringer, in the spirit of compassion, empathy and adelphity ... Lit in times of death, they signify the light in the next world. My life as a wife had come to pass and it was the beginning of the rest of my existence. Those zoom windows were my candles, those people,my guide; leading me on the left hand path of being my best new self. Light is said to conquer darkness and to bring order out of chaos. This ceremony did that for me!


I am happy to be in the presence of my loved ones today to celebrate my freedom and relief. Enact my separation from pain, fear and abuse, that I have suffered from in my matrimony.

I intend to Reclaim my right of association and put behind me this past union that caused me so much harm. With this ritual I finally let go of the past and advance into my future.

As we gather despite our distance from each other, we are drawn close and united to celebrate achievement and joy

May this ritual inspire you and your loved ones to break free and fight for your freedom. May you choose to exercise your power of agency. And, more specifically, destroy control and oppression over your life and well being.

What I have chosen to destroy and cleanse carry a weight I can’t express. These documents and material possession have a hold over me, they recall a painful memory and represent an idea that you find revolting. But, in the end, these are just objects, and I can rebut their power back by sheer force of will.

let the ritual commence. let us focus on the negative feelings and emotions associated with that which I hold in my hands. I gave these objects the power to influence me, now give them the rest: no more sadness, hate, disgust, embarrassment, fear, anger, and regret.

Maryline is asked to speak following words after Chris/Rene first says them to release its hold over her and rendering it powerless and futile:

and burns/destroy marriage certificate


This once held power over me, but I reject this power.

What I gave I must take away, and it is only mine to take.

(starts lighting documents on fire as ritual goes)

My association is subject to my will, and my will alone.

I am subject to my will, and my will alone.

By destroying this object, I release its dominion over me.

By destroying this object, I liberate myself from its memory.

By destroying this object, I declare: I am my own master.

By destroying this object, I declare: I am free.

(paced as the ritual goes, dipping ring in each elements)

By fire, air, water, earth and the spirit of this ritual and the love of my kins

[PAUSE – Item Destruction]

I am free! Ave Satanas! Hail Satan!


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